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"The next time someone tells you fascism is rife in Trump's America, remind them that our representing leaders are elected rather than hand-picked by outgoing tyrants, homosexuals can still go down on each other without the fear of life imprisonment

"Capitalism isn’t winning a war on poverty, it’s massacring poverty. The benefits aren’t being felt by all. Certainly not those utterly victimized by NATO’s foreign policy in Yemen and Libya, nor our power struggle with Russia in Syria. They’re completely

Plagued with boredom and overconsumption of libations to do much else, I found myself on YouTube watching Bill Maher (this was two minutes ago).It was a particularly cringe-worthy video citing his love of JFK compared to Ronald Reagan - the

Cuba's newly-formed Libertarian Party has already experienced the brute force and tyranny of the Castro regime, simply for having liberty-minded ideas. All of the present activists at Cuba's Libertarian Party HQ were arrested late Wednesday evening for "illicit association." Cuban law states

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