Trump Deal To Reopen Government To Be Signed

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Today the White House made an official statement that the Government shutdown would be coming to a temporary end. The deal, which it should be noted does not include any funding towards his wall, is set to be signed “in a short while.” This reopening will extend until February 15th after which if a deal is not reached the shutdown will resume.

This brings a temporary end to the record-setting (in the US anyway) 35 days that the government had been in the shutdown state. One of the chief concerns has been the near 800,000 federal workers that have been without pay since the beginning of the shutdown; many of whom have been forced to continue working. With the government reopening there is a focus on making sure the federal workers receive their back pay.

You can see the official response from the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, below

The political implications for the Trump government are interesting here as on the one hand, he has given them their reopening without receiving his wall which can and likely will be seen as a sign of losing political ground, yet on the other this will catch up the pay of those federal workers, and by extension help potentially regain votes from them that likely would have been lost.

Furthermore, this puts the proverbial ball in the Democrats court. They now have three weeks to give him his $5 billion wall, or the next potential wave of the shutdown will be on them.

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