Why Sane Libertarians are Voting Donald Trump


“Sanity” is a sadly undervalued commodity in the Libertarian community, as any objective observer will likely say after engaging with a Paulbot, especially in their element where they control the dialogue. There is not much room for “Free Speech” unfortunately, only a contest for ideological purity, and this is what should be considered pure insanity on every level by any Sane Libertarian, or general Conservative, wherever they fall on the platform. Practical results require practical actions, and ideological madness is only going to encourage more flops like Rand’s miserable failure of delusionalchutzpah.

If you had a friend who said “Let’s go to Vegas, I know for a fact that we will win the Roulette wheel on Double zeroes, if we bet everything we have on it, and let’s insult and disrespect every single person who tell us we’ll lose, because they’re all wrong, and once we win, we’ll show them who’s boss?” That guy would probably not be going to Vegas with you. Unless you also believed in his big theory of hitting Double Zeroes with EVERYTHING you own. Well that’s the case of voting for anyone other than Trump at this point. The Polls are pretty clear. Who else are you supporting? Who else can beat the (probably) Hillary/Bernie ticket? Cruz?

Sanity and Logic go hand in hand. Deduction and Logic go hand in hand. So through Deduction, how many candidates can possibly stand against Hillary? If you say Cruz or Rubio, you’re not sane or logical. Cruz cannot win. Elections require Charisma. Trump has Charisma. You may hate his positions on enforcing the border, like Ron Paul, you may hate his position on banning Muslims, like how Sweden (the most liberal country on Earth) just deported 80,000 Muslims. You may hate him for his hatred of Government/corporate collusion in cases of Organic Food and $50 billion Vaccine companies, you may hate him for his crude language and willingness to defy the Status Quo, you may hate him for evicting people in improperly zoned local city economic development centers, you may hate him for his hair, but at the very least, hate the Democrats more, for the love of Liberty!

As many of you are painfully aware, there are more libertarians who believe in a “Conspiracy Theory” and are as you say, “Antiscience” in some way or another, anti-GMO, anti-Organic, and oftentimes Creationist/Fundamentalist Christians, seemingly more often than not.

la-et-trump-vs-paul-photoNo matter how many wantrapreneurs and libertarians (unfortunately conflatable mostly with the current crop) there are who have no desire to admit it, the Trump camp is actually very friendly to the varied libertarians, or as many would call them “so-called” libertarians. This is perhaps why Rand Paul failed. Many of his supporters simply flocked to the much more sane, rational approach of the Trump team, and combined with the sheer arrogance and delusional understandings of numbers of the Paulbots and those on the right side of the fence, at the end of the day, “Liberty” seems to ring most true for the average Libertarian voter on the level of Trump. Yet, many libertarians feel Trump is a “Fascist”. Never mind that Ron Paul had a similar border-closing position. Never mind Trump wants to bring jobs back to America and put a clamp down on outsourcing – that’s Nationalism! After all, what Libertarian would possibly want there to be jobs? Obviously not one who wants to support his position. Oh wait, does his position mean less jobs? In the current economic position, what is the best interest of a Libertarian, to support the Outsourcer or the Job-promising Nationalist? The man who wants to shift more wealth to those who have and to promise even LESS jobs and LESS wages?

Do you see Trump’s supporters magically vanishing? If so, I would say you are insane. Do you see Trump’s positions as actually causing a trade deficit? If so, I also say you are insane. No countries are going to ban us. Which ones? Name them. If you say Britain, you’re insane. They won’t. It’s all rhetoric. Saudi Arabia won’t. They definitely won’t want to turn their backs on us against Iran. Especially when we make better friends with that resource-rich untapped giant, Russia, who loves Trump. And as for business, his corporate tax policy is nothing to sneeze at.

The fact of the matter is: many Libertarians have no intention on promoting a business-friendly candidate. They don’t know what business-friendly means and think that only promoting no taxes like the Libertarian Party or the establishment candidates are somehow going to make it easier for them to start a business and get a job. Explain that logic.

Despite Donald’s Democrat-supporting past, his positions now are clear and they are friendly for the average businessperson. He wants to make it easier for you and me to do business. He wants to make it easier for your future boss to set up shop, pay less taxes, and reform the regulation structure, and ultimately have more job security. Most Libertarians, unfortunately, don’t have to worry about such things which is why they would either support a losing candidate in a vain ideological hope that they will look somehow more “pure” than the rest of their brethren by pretending to bolster a candidate who has no chance of winning, He wants 80% of working families to pay no federal taxes. What a tax cut!

So Libertarians are now against the candidate who wants working families to not pay taxes under $50,000 of income. Which candidate are they supporting again? The ones who want to keep taxing them? That would fail a Libertarian ideological purity test instantly.

If anything, right now America is actually a foreign-capital hot spot, which some of you who actually keep up with international economics may know, is incredibly great for the average American. Despite any fears of Trump’s ego causing millions of rich Europeans to not want to make money, chances are that no one is going to stop investing their Euros, Swiss Francs, or Yen (the Japanese hate immigration the most and can easily identify with him on that), or even Pesos. If anything, there are probably more Latinos who want Trump in power and don’t like being represented by illegal immigrants any more so than they like how Mexico treats illegal Guatemalan immigrants.

As for those of you who hold the position of being ‘open borders’, wanting to allow a billion people in is not sane. It’s not.

As for the National Debt he will cause with his tax plan, how much worse will it be than what the National Debt is expected with the other candidates? Especially considering half of it is owned directly by the government itself (the Federal Reserve holdings can be nationalized at any time) and is recycled mostly through the SS program, and none of you want to actually cut SS, what is the concern?

Are you against Trump because you believe he’s a “Fascist”? Perhaps you’d like to tell these small business owners how foolish and insane they are for following this “Crazy Fascist”.

Donald Trump once said you cannot win on a platform of abolishing Social Security. How correct he is! That would probably not be a way to win votes at the current time. Such a position would basically ensure a loss against Joseph Stalin himself. So at his level, what is categorically possible to abolish that will not ensure a loss? Libertarians and Conservatives alike will often say “Social Security is a paid-in system”, so Boomers definitely wouldn’t allow that. So, what is the alternative to whatever he’s proposing that other candidates have better?

Unless Libertarians want to further piecemeal their already divided and conquered bases, they may want to realize that there are no gains whatsoever in some kind of purity contest of being against Trump. The fact is, at the end of the day, Trump espouses many positions that Ron Paul does, so if Ron Paul was good enough, Trump actually has what Ron Paul didn’t: the ability to force the Republicans to drop their pants when they’re caught cheating and accept their defeat.

If you value liberty, don’t vote establishment. Vote for the New Order. The People’s Order. The Liberty Order. Trump the establishment.

* Brian S. Sherman is a ‘Crazy Conspiracy Crackpot’ who wants a better world for rational people to make money. Fighting for Truth and Wisdom; and the American Way.

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