Northam Controversy, Military Tensions in Asia, and French Mask Ban


Welcome back to the Being Libertarian news roundup where we put together all of the important news in one easy place so that you, the reader, don’t miss anything that’s happened in the crazy world of ours.


  • Massive waves were sent through the multi-billion dollar video game industry as Valve and Epic Games came to a head. Read more here.


  • The US government shutdown came to a temporary end after 35 days, a record for the country.
  • Venezuela continues to take the spotlight as several countries weigh in on who they will recognize as the official leader of the country following their questionable election. Read more on these stories here.
  • It has been discovered that ICE has been running a sting operation for the last three years through a fake college to capture illegal immigrants. Read more here.
  • The state of Colorado votes to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which would mean their Electoral College votes would go to the national popular vote winner rather than who locals chose. Read more here.
  • A photo has been discovered from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s 1984 yearbook showing him in either blackface or in a KKK costume. Read more here.


  • Military tensions rise between Japan and South Korea over a plane that came too close to a destroyer ship, possibly destabilizing their strength as a counter-power to China in the region.
  • Asia Bibi still remains free as Pakistan refuses to retry her despite her initial death sentence over blasphemy back in 2010.
  • Chinese courts sentenced Wang Quanzhang, a human rights lawyer, to four years in prison on Monday on the charges of “subversion of state power”. Read more on these stories here.
  • Japan upholds legislation requiring any transgendered person wishing to change their assigned gender to undergo sterilization. Read more here.

South Africa

  • South Africa prepares for its national election this year. To learn more about the parties and candidates you can read more here.
  • Despite a long history of allegations of exploitation towards interns, the trade union Cosatu has remained silent. Read more here.


  • Two separate amendments of a planned seven have passed regarding Brexit, even though the EU has stated they are not open to further renegotiation.
  • The French National Assembly has passed a law banning masked protests within the country.
  • A 47-day standoff off the shores of Italy has finally come to an end with the country allowing a migrant boat to come ashore. Read more on these stories here.

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