Bernie Sanders Supporters React to Tom Woods

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Do Bernie Sanders Supporters Believe in Global Equality? Nope!


Ever since this election cycle started, libertarians have been rejecting Rand Paul, conservatives have been rejecting Trump, and socialists have been rejecting Bernie Sanders. Common reasons for the far-left’s criticism of Bernie are his support of the state of Israel, his voting to fund foreign wars, and his handsome salary and bourgeois lifestyle.

However, the democratic socialist still remains popular with people all over the political spectrum, especially young, privileged college students. Many socialists observe this phenomenon and reject Bernie further because of it. They feel Bernie is just another force for American imperialism, and they’re not wrong about that.

Even libertarians and conservatives can see why actual socialists aren’t huge fans of Bernie. Tom Woods, theĀ noted libertarian author and historian, has noticed this trend and decided to challenge Bernie supporters with one simple question:

My question to Bernie Sanders supporters:When someone in Bangladesh observes your lifestyle, it seems as incredible to…

Posted by Tom Woods onĀ Thursday, September 10, 2015

This seems like a reasonable enough question. However, Bernie supporters did not react well to that, as the video below suggests:

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Chris Johncox