New York State Senate Candidate Endorses Charles Peralo For LP Chair


Libertarian New York State candidate for Senate, Alex Merced (L-NY) has endorsed Libertarian National Chairman candidate, Charles Peralo.

“I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with Charles many times in my journeys fighting for libertarian ideals, and I can say without of doubt Charles is one of the most creative and determined people I have met. That’s the kind of spirit that is born to lead and lead well.”

Merced formally announced his run for NYS Senate at the Libertarian Party of New York’s state convention, late last month and like Peralo is an accomplished entrepreneur. Merced has gathered endorsements from Presidential candidates including Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen.

Peralo had this to say about the endorsement from the Libertarian Senate Candidate:

“Alex is just a guy I’ve known forever at this point. I’ve known him since I really began to get active in the liberty network and we’ve always seemed to evolve quite a bit in our views and presentation skills on views which has been very cool to watch and happen. I’m excited he’s supporting me, but I’m also excited that I’ll get to vote for him again and this time so will the rest of New York get that shot. For this, let’s build a better LP.”

You can learn more of Charles Peralo’s platform on his official campaign site & you can view Alex Merced’s official campaign site here

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