The SJW Survival Kit


In just about any extreme sport or activity that causes you place yourself in situations that you might find yourself in dire need of supplies to maintain, so too are the needs to be able to survive as a SJW. For those reading this in the newspaper and haven’t heard this abbreviation before, SJW means “social justice warrior”. They are the people who claim they are looking out for the equality and betterment of all, as long as it fits what they perceive to be right.

The first thing that they need is a cause. They will usually pick one up from the mass media outlets, which are always honest according to SJWs. It might be ‘save the whales’, stop a pipeline, a racial profiling cop, or just about anything that triggers them. Once they adopt this cause, it is like a highly-addictive drug. The old ‘one hit and you’re hooked’ routine. People often find a sense of accomplishment when they get involved with current issues, almost like they feel that they are the key to the success of said cause. Once they get a chance to report about themselves via a blog or social media, they get fueled by the likes, replies of affirmation or shares. So, once it happens, it’s usually going to go nowhere but up… or down, depending on how you see it.

Now, unless it is a Black Lives Matter protest or some racial injustice, the SJW is usually a liberal white person. For some unknown reason, they just can’t help themselves. These people were the ones you used to see out and about with all those ridiculous rubber wristbands affirming them into their cause. Now that those are out of fashion, you cannot spot these people as easily.

The second thing they will need is national attention of the selected cause. Plain and simple; if you think that you’re trying to change the world, the world needs to know you are trying to change it. This often allows them to start a conversation with you (albeit usually never wanted) by simply saying, “Hey, did you see ____ on ____?” It’s literally that easy. Just fill in the blanks and there ya go.

The SJW without media buzz is just some loon spouting nonsense about something a rational person could not care less about. In the age of political correctness and safe space ideology, there is no acceptable muffler applicable. If Trump signs an order making it okay to club people who pollute the air, well, we might have something.

The most essential thing for a SJW to thrive, is time. Yes, free time with nothing better to do than spend hours on end blogging and protesting, boycotting and slandering.

The average working adult does not have the time to be a dedicated warrior. We can only help from the sidelines if we choose, and that is usually just not good enough to merit the label of the dedicated. Personally, unless there is a ban on fishing or the blackout of sports, I’m not giving up my weekend to stand in traffic over some “injustice”. Most working class people, I believe, feel the same way. If you are unemployed and have all the government assistance available at your disposal, then yeah, maybe you could get in a rally or two.

The final essential component, is apologetics.

Now, this is an often hidden layer of modern society. Somewhere in this early part of this century, it became easier just to go along rather than go against. People simply do not want to risk gaining a label, or an indictment from the progressive movement that drives this modern social society. You can find apologetics in anything now that might hurl some sort of conflict, such as religion, politics, racial equality, etc. Even though the average red blooded American is willing to defend their beliefs, they often get muttered only in private now. This is like an amphetamine for the SJW mission.

With the opposition seemingly muted, the possible recourse against their actions are usually limited to tongue in cheek memes. It takes a daring individual held fast in their foundation to vocally rebuke the claims of a SJW, because they always travel in packs. A lone SJW is nothing more than a pesky mosquito, but the pack forces direct inconvenience to the normal way of life via street blockings and other unfortunate assemblies.

In closing, just remember, being aware of your surroundings is vital to be able to navigate around these zombie-like people. Once you see the cause starting to unfold, tune out of the media and put in your headphones for a few days and hope it all blows over. If you are the kind to engage such people, simply using logical and rational points of view followed by solid facts will keep the SJW at bay… temporarily.

* Wes Fischer self supporting libertarian focused on shrinking our government one action at a time.

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  1. This is what happens when you tolerate Occupy Wall Street. Those hippies should have been slapped down hard.

  2. I really wish the next BLM or AntiFa “protest” that blocks a street or highway, heck; even a sidewalk, would warrant the National Guard or even the armored vehicles larger police departments have to mow them down!!! Every time they destroy, burn or even vandalize something, they should be rounded up & thrown into a pit full of wet cement. They hide behind First Amendment rights but have gone so far as to demand those with opposing or slightly different views have theirs stripped. These idiots are all “rah rah Communism,” yet they refuse to even try to emigrate to a Communist country. Our government is allowing the indoctrination of children in our public schools, even as early as Kindergarten & that is infuriating! Unless something horribly drastic happens, such as war that comes to our shores & beyond to pull collective heads out of these cry bullies asses; we are doomed to see this get worse in time.

    • Your views are abhorrent and just show the need to step up the protests against militarization of the corporatist kleptocracy that stands in the way of the libertarian movement.

  3. I found this great comment from a Left Wing Anarchist who doesn’t like most Left Wing Protesters. He seems to realize blocking roads, vandalism, violating others rights and being a jerk isn’t going to win hearts and minds.

    “Some of my comrades have recently informed me that, since the far-right often takes advantage of free speech to spread its message, we Leftists must embrace censorship. Just as we should all starve ourselves because Nazis eat food, I assume.”
    – RednBlackSalamander

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