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"The central argument for Scheer over Trudeau is that he says less embarrassing things. His rhetoric is superior to Trudeau's. I would like to submit that this is the worst argument possible for voting in favour of a particular politician,"

Before I’m attacked for coming off as an avid, anti-American isolationist, I will concede that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy has worked before. Shaking hands with Stalin was necessary to destroy the fascist regimes in Germany,

Seeing Martin O’Malley at Drake University was an awkward moment, especially after the 2016 election was over. The former Maryland governor spoke about voter ID laws – one of the many things that Democrats have blamed their election woes on,

Trump signed three executive orders on Thursday aimed at protecting against crime both internationally and domestically. The executive orders are aimed at combating transnational drug cartels, reducing crime, and preventing violence against members of law enforcement. The latter two direct newly-appointed Attorney General

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