Trump Tower Climber Says “Vote Trump” In Shocking Video


On Wednesday afternoon, a man put a stop to Manhattan traffic after being spotted climbing Trump Tower. The man, known only by the first name “Steve,” is using suction cups to scale the iconic building. The climber, apparently, did not receive permission to scale the Tower as the police and fire department quickly became involved in the situation after the climb began. Steve has since apparently been detained by the authorities after being grabbed or otherwise apprehended through a window.

We can now report that the climber has issued a video statement via YouTube under the account, “Leven Thumps”. The video, which can be viewed below, shows the climber, who is decked out in a black hoodie, stating that he wishes Mr. Trump to “excuse his matter of appearance” and that he is a “private researcher” who is “seeking a private audience” with Trump in order to “discuss an important matter that is in (Donald Trump’s) interest”.

While the climber does not go into much further detail he continues to say that “I would not risk my life if my purpose wasn’t significant” and that he did this for “the attention and to go out to vote for Mr. Trump in the 2016 election.” The climber also made note that he felt he wouldn’t have any success by doing this via conventional means, because of how busy Trump is. Donald Trump was not at Trump Tower when the incident occurred.

Initial theories speculated that the climber was protesting the candidacy of Donald Trump, however, in light of the video, it appears that Leven Thumps is a supporter of The Donald.

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