YouTube Harboring Potential Child Abusers, Terror in Venezuela, and Weld Goes Republican


Welcome back to another Being Libertarian News Roundup. This week we’ll cover top stories from the US, South America, Africa, and all over Europe so that you can stay up to date on all that’s happening in this crazy world of ours.


  • It was recently uncovered that YouTube has had a frighteningly growing underground community of pedophiles uploading videos to use as soft core porn. Read more here.
  • YouTube has since addressed the controversy, yet this has mainly resulted in legitimate channels becoming demonetized. Read more on this part of the story here.
  • In South America, Venezuelan natives took to the local airport in Santa Elena de Uairén, using their bodies as shields against the National Guard, to help get much needed supplies to their people. Read more on this story here.


  • Actor Jussie Smollet has been arrested after evidence has come forward that he given two brothers a check to have them attack him, faking a hate crime against himself.
  • A police bust in Houston that led to the deaths of the two occupants has been revealed to have been caused by a lead officer lying about key information. Read more on this story here.
  • Bill Weld, previous Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee, has switched over to the Republicans to potentially challenge Trump in the primaries. Read more on this story here.
  • Colin Kaepernick and the NFL have finally reached an agreement, putting an end to the ongoing struggles between the two sparked by Kaepernick’s protests. Read more on this story here.
  • Amazon has decided to pull its plans for developing in New York primarily due to opposition to the build brought forth by Democrat representatives, costing the state 25,000 potential jobs. Read more on this story here.


  • A total of 10 MPs from the UK have stepped away from their respective parties to join the Brexit rebellion group called The Independent Group.
  • Shamima Begum, a girl who had left the UK to marry a ISIS member, had her citizenship revoked from the UK.
  • Protests rage on in Spain over the government’s trials against the leaders of the Catalan separatist movement that sparked the referendum last year.
  • The Pope has come forward vowing to tackle the issue of sexual abuse that has become a continuous problem for the church internationally. Read more on these stories here.


  • A “Postdated” falsification of fallism at UTC was covered by Professor Tim Crowe that you can read here.
  • The leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Youth, Luyolo Mphithi, came forward in an interview to show that the party is in support of taxing the private sector to pay for university tuition. Read more on this story here.
  • The ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) responded to an informal paper put forth by Western embassies sparking controversy. Read more on this story here.

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